Immediate dentures

Immediate dentures can either be complete dentures or partial dentures and are fitted at the same time as teeth are removed.

In this way, teeth that need to be extracted can be removed and replaced in the same appointment. This way you do not have to go without teeth for any length of time.

Immediate dentures are typically a temporary solution and need to be replaced once the gums have fully healed. This is because, after teeth are removed, the gums change shape and the dentures no longer fit as well. During this healing phase, your dentures can be relined to improve the fit.

The healing process can take several months. Once your gums have fully healed, your dentures can be replaced. You may choose to have a new denture or look at an alternative that involves the use of dental implants. Your dentist and clinical dental technician can discuss all your options with you.

Before immediate dentures
After immediate dentures
After immediate dentures

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