Guided surgery

Guided surgery allows us to have pinpoint accuracy when placing dental implants, especially multiple implants and implants for multiple bridgework or retained dentures.

If single implants are required you probably won’t require guided surgery, but if you require multiple implants or implants for multiple bridges or implant retained dentures, then it is generally preferred.

We will take a CT scan so we know exactly what needs to be treated and so we can avoid any problem areas. Without a CT scan an accurate assessment cannot be made. With a CT scan, patients who might not have been able to have implants, due to inaccurate diagnosis, will be able to.

Is guided surgery expensive?

Not when compared to the potential cost of bone restoration or sinus lifts. It could mean the difference between an implant being rejected, or it lasting over 15 years. Spread over several implants, it is very cost and time effective, and is a much a safer method. CT scanning can in many cases eliminate the need to use a surgical guide.

Do I have to travel to a CT scanning centre for the scans?

Not when you use our clinic, we have made a huge investment in a CT scanner and we are one of only a handful of clinics with this type of equipment. This saves patients having extra appointments, extra travelling, time, cost and risk.

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